Hey Chai Lovers, There Is Something For You.

Tea is usually known as Chai in India, the most favourite beverages, in monsoon. There are different types of chai from masala to ginger, with a wide variety of health benefits. It’s a kind of beverage, which always welcomed for a short break, it keeps your body warm and energised.

You should take a try of these Chai at least once in a lifetime, so why to wait, check it here and give a try.

Cup of chai
Enjoy monsoon with chai


kolkata street chai

When we talk about monsoon, the most common thing that comes into our mind is a cup of hot spicy chai. Kolkata is known as India’s capital of tea many times. As first, Spices crushed, Sugar added, Tea and Milk poured with a great height with a grin and then served in tiny, crudely formed clay cup.


Kashmiri Pink Chai

Kashmiri pink chai, the Noon chai, it’s cosy, sweet, thick, creamy, flavoured and deep pink. Yeah, pink and it’s different from Indian milk chai, what we used to drink every day. The warming sweet tang of cinnamon, saffron and nuts will uplift your mood and lead you to drink more, as it is a stress reliever too.


Darjeeling Ruby Tea

In a mood of some lighter yet flavourful and warm chai, then this one’s got to be it. The ruby oolong a rare red in colour with a depth of floral flavour that extends into the chocolate and cherry undertones. Along with the good taste, it has many health benefits such as Abundant antioxidants which combat free radicals and eliminate toxins and also helps in keeping you hydrated.


Mango Green Tea

So here is something for mango lovers, you can enjoy mango in monsoon as well. The mango green tea combines the vegetal goodness of green tea with the flavours of ripened mangoes, its juicy texture with floral aromatic and sweetness make it more delicious. Mango green tea also helps in preventing breast cancer and controlling high BP.


Bombay Cutting Chai

The most popular known chai in Mumbai or Bombay, it’s a unique blend of black tea and choicest spices. The aroma of ginger and cardamon make it more interesting on a rainy day along with the health benefits warding off allergies and sickness. It is so strong that it is only served by the half-glass instead of cups.


Sweet Ginger Tea

The most favourite chai in winter, as the grated ginger is added to the teapot while the tea is boiling along with the spices and gives a sweetness. Ginger tea is a perfect remedy for cold, cough and flue. It also treats stomach ulcers and relieves stress. Moreover, women can consume this tea for reducing menstrual pain.



The perfect blend of sweet fragrance and cardamom. The tea has a slightly tart flavour due to the rose. Rose delight helps in reducing weight along with that it gives you healthy and glowing skin too.


Rosehip Hibisicus Tea

Rosehip hibiscus tea has a flavour similar to green apples, ripe plums and hibiscus tea. It looks deep red in colour and has a sweet aroma. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that increased immunity and improve heart health. It also reduces anxiety issues.


Masala Chai

What is better than a masala chai on cold mornings, nothing I guess. The tea is beautifully spiced with Indian flavours such as cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and nutmeg, these all are used in varying proportions. One cup a day is sufficient to keep you healthy and away from all sort of illnesses.


Sulaimani Chai

Sulaimani chai is a sweet-sour tea made from black tea and served without milk. It is brewed to a pure golden colour with sugar and a dab of lemon along with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, basil or mint leaf. It is taken after a heavy meal as it aids indigestion.

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